Easy to Use Driving Simulator Software is the Core

The core component of all virtual reality applications, such as a driving simulator, is the software. The software provides the basic elements, functionality, and reliability necessary to enable the driving simulation application. Stylish packaging or hardware will not improve driving simulator productivity or effectiveness if the core software is inadequate or unreliable.

STISIM Drive® driving simulation products are based on open, programmable, and expandable STISIM Drive®software. STISIM Drive® software has been developed over the past twenty-five years by our team of experienced software developers, development conducted specifically to meet our client’s needs. We build our easy to use driving simulators starting from what is happening in the real-world and developing software for it; not from developing software and then trying to apply it to the real-world. We provide driver simulator software that is physically realistic, that allows our clients to get the driving simulator data and driving behavior they need, and that produces evidence based results.

STISIM Drive® software is the driving simulation software of choice of over 500 researchers, occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists, driver training educators, and third party developers in more than 25 countries. The productivity of research conducted using STISIM Drive®products has been documented in hundreds of peer reviewed studies. We created STISIM Drive®software and have made the code open and expandable. No other source can match the software development experience, installed base, or documented productivity of STISIM Drive®.

The Best Driving Simulator on the Market

Systems Technology Inc. offers over 10 easy to use driving simulators based on the powerful STISIM Drive®software. All systems have been engineered to provide optimum performance at a cost effective price. STISIM Drive® has hardware systems designed for a wide range of applications and budgets. Our driving simulation systems are designed around our software.

At STISIM Drive/SimulationEurope b.v., we value our customers. Our customer and application support team is comprised of developers who have written all facets of STISIM Drive driving simulation software  As an STISIM Drive® customer, you can be assured of timely, accurate, and thorough support with respect to any request you may have.

The best software, the best driver simulators, and the best support will assure you that you are receiving the best driving simulation product on the market when you purchase an STISIM Drive® product. We look forward to servicing your needs.

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